IATA & FIATA accredited, FFI, MTO registered International Freight Forwarding company

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Every freight forwarding company carries out the same broad functions, then why should clients come to us? It is not because of what we can deliver during the normal period, but what we can deliver during the hour of crisis, It is during that time one’s worth is proved. Our commitment, our honest efforts and our perseverance keep us going. Treating the problems of our clients as our own develop sincerity within and what is where the SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

We Pallab Mukherjeeintroduce ourselves as an IATA & FIATA accredited, MTO registered International Freight Forwarding company having a global network of logistics services.

The Company in India is stewarded by Pallab Mukherjee, CEO / Managing Director of the company since its inception. He has an experience of 23 years in International Freight Management in both air/sea and domestic cargo. He has been traveling all round the globe ever since to meet the exporters/importers directly, to interact with the airlines and the liners. In his earlier years he himself had worked for reputed international companies in Freight Forwarding Industry.

Pallab Kumar Mukherjee